Slack Reports FAQ

What is Slack?

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration solution. It's great for team communication and notifications. Much faster and shorter than emails!

What is Slack Reports?

Slack Reports is an app that pushed a short daily report of your sales in Slack everyday.

Why do I need Slack Reports?

Keeping track of your store sales is hard. Your daily Slack Reports message gives you data about yesterday sales as well as how well you are doing within this week and this month.

How to Install Slack Reports?

You first need a Slack account. You can set one up here.

You have one? Great! You can now configure simple things in the Slack Reports configuration screen

What data is reflected in Slack Reports?

What if I need help?

Sure! Contact us via email here.

What if I need more details in the report?

Get in touch! We'll be happy to see how to configure it for you!